I'm Abby - Web Designer, Soulful Strategist, and your new business hype woman! I'm a Leo, ENFJ, and Projector 5/1 in Human Design.

With a combined 7+ years in Marketing, Design and Customer Experience, you can be assured that your business is in good hands. I'm OBSESSED with helping soulful entrepreneurs elevate their business with the most dreamy, conversion-focused websites.

I'm all about scaling your business in alignment, through the perfect combination of soul, style and strategy!

Hey love,


I've always been ambitious and known I want to achieve big things. BUT the issue was, I never knew how that looked in terms of a career or job industry. I'm originally from the North of England, and moved to London after finishing my university degree. I worked in a variety of roles, from customer service and experience, to marketing and design.

In 2018, I had a lightbulb moment, and realised I HAD to pursue a creative career. So alongside my full-time Marketing role, I went back into education, and completed the Certification in Professional Marketing from the CIM (the big dogs of the Marketing world). I went a bit crazy completing a tonne of marketing and design courses, to further my knowledge and skill set!

Soon after that, I got my dream promotion, yet STILL felt like something was missing. I had a great job, good qualifications, and lived in an amazing city with the best partner - so why didn't I feel fulfilled? I'd never been able to shake the “there’s more than this” feeling while working in a corporate 9 to 5.

After what felt like some undeniable signs from the universe, I decided to take the plunge and finally do what felt right for me. Like that, Abbsolute Studio was born and I now get to do what I love!

The most important parts of business for me are connection and alignment. That's why I believe your website and digital presence should be strategic yet authentic, to attract the most dreamy clients to your business, and feel GOOD while doing it.

My Story



Learning, scaling and growth. I followed my passions and feedback, niching down to Web Design, Marketing and Business Coaching.


Got promoted to Senior Marketing Exec, then covid hit. Realised I wanted to work for ME! Started my business as a Creative VA and left my job in October!


Landed the role I'd really wanted as a Marketing Executive. Started studying alongside it for my Marketing certification.


Worked in a few different roles, from customer experience to marketing and design, while I discovered my passion.

2013 - 2017

Graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and still no idea what I wanted to do for a career.


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